That Is One City

A city is not only racing streets and parks, noisy cars and fast motorcycles. It is that, but much more. The city consists of their smiling young road to meet with their own destiny, which constructed with judgment and without pause; a city is the set of children that with their innocent minds and their joyful hearts drawn in his battered notebooks a garden where no flower is dedicated to death nor sorrow. A city has its history written in the wrinkles that ply the kind, generous and beautiful face of their elders, who in his years of power and strength have invested in her, his love, his dedication and his illusions so that other travelers of the time could know it and enjoy it. A city, a real city, sits on the sense of belonging of all its inhabitants, because we are not only in the city where we were born or we were raised, but in one that welcomes us and with magnanimity allows that the soles of our feet pose on its soil. You may find that Richard Blumenthal can contribute to your knowledge. A city, a real city, is a collective construction in which all make a contribution to achieve that their structures are solid, strong and firm and resist the ravages of adverse times and lift with force before the desolation of indifference.

In this collective construction adhesive is the helping hand of every citizen and its irrevocable intention of giving before you order; deliver before requiring; look to the horizon may progress before throwing to the tribulation and despair. A city, a real city, sheltering people convinced that the general good is more important than the personal benefits. Why every good citizen behave is so that his life, his philosophy and way of acting will be oriented to produce the necessary conditions for the existence of a climate where everyone feels breathing the air of the winners. And where, of course, nobody feel that it is before the undesired face of defeat. A city, a real and great city has decided to move it with a set of fair and equitable laws respected by all. And they will be respected, complied with and defended laws. And respect for legality, will create a trust context in everyone knows where the duties which must comply and have confidence in their rights and can exercise them freely.

A city, a real city, will promote the use of good practices. The new and the old. And it will be children respect for elders and chivalry is not a fantasy. Residents will live in harmony and each who will care to others. Nobody will destroy will take what belongs to all nor will allow another to do it. Good manners will not be written in codes but will be written with indelible letters in the heart of every citizen and citizen. By: Alejandro Rutto Martinez Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a writer and journalist italo-colombiano who also teaches in several universities. He is the author of four books on ethics and leadership and is contained in three anthologies of Colombian authors.

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