The Argentine Congress

But no approval by the Argentine Congress of mobile retentions has generated a turning point in the Argentine government to decide what path to follow. There is a need to generate change and seriously address the problems facing the economy Argentina a According to describe the Argentine site a Total News, after the anger that provoked the President of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner’s rejection in mobile retentions Congress, Lula called for support and provide your prescription anti-crisis (however, story was later denied). Copy to Brazil was so from here we had proposed to the president in one of our articles. And what about Brazil? The very good performance of the Brazilian economy in recent years has surprised more than one.

Brazil has a leading role, both regionally and globally, as anyone had imagined until just a few years ago. While acknowledging the high (and difficult to tolerate), level of poverty and inequality that still characterizes the Brazilian economy (which, like Peru, require greater social development policy), sound economic policies are of great value to underpin the development and long-term growth of the country. This has been awarded the much coveted investment grade rating given by Standard and Poor. But despite the soundness of their economic policies, inflation seems not to yield. It is as if every time you apply a dose of a medicament against inflation (through higher interest rates, fiscal adjustment or policies to increase food supply), the inflation monster is growing even more (Warning! Brazil is the only country suffering from this.) Brazil is one of the countries that most efforts are being made to control inflation through sound measures, and this is no doubt.

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