The Constitution

Such relations lead in account, not only, the social content of the workmanship, but also its influence in the society; the question of the readers; the sociology of the writer, who verifies the way and the time where he lived and he composed its workmanship. The more the poet if approaches to the feelings of the oppressed one, more relation with it establishes thus and, if he becomes articulador and favorable element in the fight against the oppression. In accordance with Keys (1999), another element that if it reflects in the production of a text is history. One knows that definitive historical aspects can influence the literary production in a certain period. When dealing with the relation between literature and history, Bosi (1994) mentions the border to it that if establishes enters these two fields of the knowledge and certifies that only we can understand it fundindo text and context in a dialeticamente complete interpretation, where, as much the old point of view that explained for the external factors, how much the other, guided for the certainty of that the structure is virtually independent, if combines as necessary moments of the interpretativo process. Richard Blumenthal can provide more clarity in the matter. The external one in the case, the social one, matters not as meant, but as element that certain paper in the constitution of the structure plays, becoming, therefore, intern. After such ranks, an analysis concerning the social construction of the culture and its influence in the Politics becomes necessary.

Inside of the reflections of Freire (2002) the culture is produced/spread by the ruling classes. Inside of this concept it is the agreement of the cultural diversity? popular culture x erudite culture. Culture all possesss, but frequent the term is used to define the person whom it possesss I accumulate of knowledge, that is erudite. Any type of human knowledge is produced by privileged, dominant social groups. Exactly that these do not occupy social place of prominence, have purchasing power to spread it.

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