The Freedom Of The Word

Made 28:17 came to pass that three days later, Pablo summoned principals of the Jews, to whom, then that they were gathered, said: I, male brothers, having not done anything against the people, or customs of our fathers, have been delivered prisoner from Jerusalem into the hands of the Romans; 18 which, having reviewed, I wanted to release, for not having no cause of death in me. 19 But opposed to the Jews, I was compelled to appeal to Caesar; not because it is what accuse my nation. 20 As well for this cause have I called to see you and speak with you; because by the hope of Israel I am subject with this string. 21 Then they said to him: we have neither received Judean letters about it, nor has been one of the brothers who have denounced or spoken any evil of you. 22 But we would like to hear from you what you think; because of this sect is notorious everywhere spoken against it.

23 And having you pointed out one day, came to him many at the Inn, which declared them and He testified les God’s Kingdom from the morning until the afternoon, persuading them about Jesus, both by the law of Moses as prophets. 24 And some asentian to what was said, but others did not believe. 25 And as they were not agreed among themselves, upon retiring, Paul said les this word: well spake the Holy Spirit through Isaiah the Prophet unto our fathers, saying: 26 go to this people, and tell them: hearing ye shall hear, and do not understand; And seeing ye shall see, and not little; 27 Because the heart of this people has swelled, and with ears they heard heavily, and his eyes have been closed, so do not see with their eyes, and hear with ears, and heart, to understand and become, and I heal them.

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