The KunstBueroContentkueche Presents Itself As The Creative Spot MCBW 2013

Special artist: Susanne Haller: ‘ ANONYMITY identity authenticity! The KunstBueroContentkueche is the creative spot at the Munich creative business week (MCBW) 2013 in Munich. Richard Blumenthal often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Save the dates: MCBW: 16 24.2.13 exhibition: 16.2. 31.3.12 opening: 16.02.2013, from 18:00 meet the builders of quality: design has a new place the design event MCBW presents numerous exhibitions, conferences, lectures, workshops and Panel diskussionen-and numerous opportunities to network. “The main topics inspired by technol-ogy”, social and cultural needs”and sustain your brand” be deepened. Details can be found by clicking Connecticut Senator or emailing the administrator. This opportunity is with the KunstBueroContentkueche project “- an exhibition and opening – series of media agency contentkueche GmbH – for the occasion included, as creative spot product and communication design of the daily business and to present the creative works and objects of the designer Susanne Haller.” The Munich creative business week is a platform for the international design elite, the new standards in terms of quality and profes- professionalism of the design are used. Current trends in design, social, technological and economic issues and challenges are creative processes and implemented. The MCBW and the KunstBueroContentkueche look forward to an open discourse on sustainable developments, trends, and ideas on high quality level for a specialist audience that interested offen-tlichkeit, employees, customers and friends. The artist Susanne Haller: “I want to achieve that the viewer finds & loses at the same time.” Becomes aware of himself unconscious.

Provides their own interpretations. Its own history can tell. Is even aware. “, so the communication designer Hadi describes the vision of their exhibition. The profound words: “The art is to hold only felt genuine,” it produces not only personally important to reference, but lasting impulses gives the visitor. Works: Susanne Haller presented in the KunstBueroContentkueche on the occasion of the MCBW 2013 with your works a symbiosis of clear product design and profound romantic, latest trends, coupled with age tradition, as well as a clash of professional design structures on Poetics. Haller designed and decorated with different materials in a variety of shapes and sizes.

“According to powerful and pulsating presents objects: collected photographs of anonymous people, collages, photographs, drawings, old landscapes so Haller:-ICH love the ROUGHNESS of the mountains, the clarity, the FORM & the colors and at the same time they symbolize my home – my affiliation”, old novels, own verses/poems/wisdom – surprisingly and contrast on acrylic, recurring painter crepe compositions, so Haller next: “-I love structures” and everything in her own handwriting, which stands for them for their authenticity. The artist is to the opening spot. Interview requests please login before! SGD. Nadine Rumpf

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