The Patrimony Of Our Politicians

When I see the declaration of goods of many politicians enter desire to give them alms me, of as poor as they pretend to be. And it is that, in accordance with the patrimony declared by the ediles of the Community, some of them would have to be refugees to the charity. Of the few that have given account of their money, according to it reads in the WORLD, only four are millionaire, in strict sense: Carlos Fabra, Vicente Aleixandre and the mayoresses of Curled Carlet, Maria Angels, and of Carcaixent, Maria Dolores Bottle. Of the others, why to count. The ilicitano mayor, Alexander To be accustomed to, say that he must more than he owns. Poor man. Other that so are their colleagues of Fontanars, Caturla Maximum, of Alfafar, Emilio Muoz, and of Alaqus, Elvira Garci’a.

Also they give to pain the one me of Castelln, Alberto Fabra, to that after discounting debts only it has left 20,741 Euros, and Mercedes ediles Horseman, that nothing else have in box 6,914 Euros, and Maria Paschal Jose, who remains in 1.000. Seeing those numbers, there is no fear of which only they end up dedicating to the public life " civil servants and people pobre" , as Durn i Lleida fears, because it is that we have already them installed in her. As one is cured of fright, it is not asked in what our representatives have wasted the money, since he knows that the exhibited numbers respond in their majority to logical countable artifices. She is that in this country the rich being is worse sight than to have seborrea, reason why people apply to her anachronistic goods cadastral valuations, with mortgages of the double and until of the triple of her real estate value. In order to diminish their amount even more, the marital estate, the patrimonial societies and other financial equipment are used soon.

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