The Purchase Of A Team Of Informatics

An eBay purchase that turned sour. A history of fraud, deceit and broken promises. Let me preface my remarks by saying that I think eBay is great. I'm an old man with disabilities and has been a blessing for me to make purchases over the Internet and particularly eBay. In almost six years I have had two problems, both related to the non-delivery. An incident is insignificant as it involved a purchase of $ 5.00 and was quickly corrected. Deserves mention only because it was my first purchase, and because he complained about the lack of delivery of the vindictive seller gave me a negative feed back, which remains in my record to this day. A few months ago I bought a computer through eBay.

It was a very good price, but not so low as to arouse suspicion. I paid through Paypal with a credit card. I had proven voting record of the seller, that was perfect. The next day I received an acknowledgment and a promise to send in a day or two. I waited for a week or so, then monitoring the shipping. The Seller, Ann apologized and said it was a government lawyer, on call and had been called out of town unexpectedly. She said she was on the road and on his return home, I would recommend the order status. About a week later I received an email with an email with a UPS tracking number and date of delivery. The date was extended a bit, but I accepted it because it was coming across the country.

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