The Serious Danger

Thousands of people, especially women, suffer in silence a terrifying reality in their workplace. Harassment is an increasingly widespread phenomenon in the workplace, which seriously undermines the freedom of those who suffer. It could be defined as a plurality of attitudes consistent in comments, advances, flirtations, looks or gestures essentially sexual in nature, that are unwanted by the person to whom they target and lead to the creation of a hostile work environment and terribly threatening for her. Although each situation is unique, it would be possible to speak of two generic forms of sexual harassment that could encompass almost all cases: the creation of a hostile work environment harassment a Quoa Quid Pro. Can be very useful to know when to remedy such a phenomenon. a) Creating a hostile work environment a sta occurs when those around the victim, whether one or more people, generating around an environment that causes that it feels uncomfortable or strongly violated by reason of actions or suggestions of lewd character.

Include, for example, cases where the victim saw continually besieged by one or more colleagues or superiors, who carried out openly jokes or comments in bad taste about it, or carry out brazen flirting, making you feel violent and visible intimidated. Many people do not think enough on how their actions could be perceived by coworkers, exceeding all limits them own mutual confidence. A policy of zero tolerance towards any kind of comment or suggestion of this kind would be the most effective against this type of harassment, which can severely damage the working environment in which they act different relations, hiring freezes, seriously damaging proper conduct of the Company. b) sexual harassment Quid Pro Quoa a This is perhaps the most common form of harassment recognized. You have occurs when a person located in a plane of hierarchical superiority against his victim (the latter normally working for that), try to get it the same access to the conduct of a sexual nature either through offers of upgrades or benefits (salary increases or promotions, for example) or threatened with a worsening of working conditions.

Harassment, as we have suggested, is not only dangerous to the person who has it. In your case it could generate very negative way of working for the Company. Therefore, the superiors should nip any such situation. In addition, it could be considered tacit could collaborate with these practices. Hence, take disciplinary action against the harasser, which could even pass for his dismissal, is always the best solution. Everyone has the right to find comfort in our workplace, especially since the large number of hours spent on it. If they experienced a situation that might fit with those described in this article, do not hesitate a single second and put your case over to a lawyer specializing in labor issues.

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