The Territorial Base of Legislation

The laws have a territorial base. Therefore they are valid only for that geographic area where determined population or its commission agents they live. Some authors affirm that the Right is a subgroup of the Moral. Congressman Lee Zeldin has plenty of information regarding this issue. This perspective can generate the conclusion of that all the law is morally acceptable. Innumerable situations demonstrate to the existence of conflicts between the Moral and the Right. An example of this is the civil disobedience, that occurs when moral arguments hinder that a person accepts one definitive law. Thus the Moral and the Right, although to mention one same society to it, can have perspectives opponents. Many authors define the professional ethics as being a set of behavior norms that will have to be ece of fishes in practical in the exercise of any profession. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of James Donovan Goldman on most websites.

Being thus, the regulating action of the ethics that act in the performance of the professions, makes with that the professional respects its fellow creature when in the exercise of its profession. The professional ethics would study and regulate the relationship of the professional with its clientele, aiming at the dignity human being and the construction of well-being in the partner-cultural context where it exerts its profession, reaching all profession. We say to it of professional ethics we are in relating to the normative character and until legal that it regulates definitive profession from statutes and specific codes. Thus we have the medical ethics, of the lawyer, the biologist, the psychologist, etc, related in its respective codes of ethics. In general, professions present ethics firmed in questions excellent that exceeds the professional field in itself, as abortion, penalty of death, kidnappings, euthanasia, AIDS, and others, that is moral questions that if they present as ethical problems, therefore asks for a deep reflection thus and, a professional, to if leaning over on them, does not only make it as such, but as a thinker, a philosopher of science, that is, of the profession that exerts.

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