The Third Way

Lula said that Brazil is not interested in first, second or the third way, but his own way, an opinion that you should apply to the rest of the continent despite the Peruvian president who was not even claimed the “Third Way” the same as Toledo. “Thinking self” maxim that has quite a lot, has transformed the Brazilian and South American destinations. Faced with the claims of the “British and Anglo Americans” and their policies of military intervention and military aid to countries that violate consider humans, highlighting a foreign policy of double standards. Lula thinks that this would lead to a minority of Powers decide to their own and apart from the sovereignty of each nation who are or may be attacked.

It has always been a supporter of a negotiated solution to conflicts and fight poverty with social investment programs that could attenuate the high crime and violence that has been growing in the countries and major Latin American cities, a blind eye to their chairmen to think that the great crime which is growing does not pass through the state. Lula Stresses in a multipolar world (along with Mbeki and Shroededer) and looks like a danger that a superpower to impose its agenda. His strategy is to strengthen the United Nations. The apathy of Europeans by Latin American countries has been dissipating.

With Brazil at the top, full Lula took office in England for being a president so popular (without trying to take advantage of this) and having the axis of its foreign policy in the unity of South America. Brazil, like other countries of the continent, preferred commercial and diplomatic relationship with the U.S. or Europe (as the only vision of international politics) Although many African countries seek links with the U.S. as the only way out. The new integration policies seek a relationship between neighbors. The way in which South must face globalization and the FTAA is first integrated and making their countries to seek trade more among themselves. This means creating more roads, pipelines and direct air routes. If you ask me what would be the most suitable candidate to be President of Latin America today, would say that Lula da Silva.

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