To Love

Everything happens inside of me. When I loved myself of truth, I discovered that he was not and nor is necessary to remember that I love, everything is spontaneous. When I buy something I am because I am needing and because it is in fashion and all do not consume alucinadamente. When I want to eat something, I look for I feed he makes that me well and not those that are in fashion, I find interesting what I feel, my stomach does not want to appear pra nobody, it does not know nor what is estatus! He has something in my brain that informs pra me, that, what I need I am of many times to walk naked, that fantastic sensation. I do not want nor a tusto for the art of my body, does not have money that it pays what I feel in I am bare. Amazon brings even more insight to the discussion. Now the sensation empregnada in my being of that the naked is sin was in my viscera. Cursed those that had created these preconceptions and these taboos, that until today follow as bacteria in our minds, contaminating the art and the beauty of the nature, this yes is a sin, this yes is an immorality.

I always thought about being a being infinitely human, since, of this it swims here I lead. I take only my skill to love. I want to open a store that sales alone LOVE. I want to consume love. How much it will be the kilo of the love? Capitalists invest in this drug of the love. Who knows tipsy for the drug of the love can support the capitalism.

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