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Thanks to the overwhelming fashion of political correctness, not we can say whatever we want. A United States Court has just ordered an elderly woman to remove the ironic poster for your garden that put: our dog feeds on Jehovah’s witnesses. Nothing has served women argue that it was a joke that deter sellers and preachers at home. The sign that her late husband planted 30 years ago has already been removed. Fewer jokes, therefore. When I lived in New York, a TV Announcer purported reasoning dismissively as the predominance of blacks in some sport disciplines. Or as well.

Your comment was considered racist type and the man lost the job. What will happen in Spain when we here start to spin so fine? Well that is it outlawing until the dictionary of the language, if you press me. Roma associations have already asked that clearly derogatory towards her race allusions, be amended as of gitanada to refer to adulation, joke, caresses and deceptions that tends to get what you want. In our dictionaries aren’t better unemployed Jews: according to Maria Moliner, an intentionally wrong or unjust action against someone is, simply, a judiada. Everyone stayed as a pingo in the dictionary of the RAE, until my land, since a vizcainada consists of words or expressions wrong concerted. For that then say.

And what happens with the idioms and expressions of our rich folk tradition? Because that no longer can say is nobody’s who works as a black or that they can be deceiving as a Chinese. Or that it’s an obstacle that not a Gypsy pop is or should be aware because there are Moors on the coast. Do you see it? Therefore even worse is what of the classical proverbs, which mocks those who boast of value when there are no risk, with that of a dead Moor, great released.

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