Venezuelan Management

The venenezolano scene presents/displays great turbulences, political instability that has affected significantly economy, social, political, the cultural one and mainly in their enterprise productive sector where many companies have closed and others are with a low production that the consumer has affected significantly, dice to that many products have had to acquire from other countries to a nonfavorable price and taking step to a dependency of very harmful import. The certain thing, that before this reality, to the excellent incidence of the policies, programs. strategies of the present government have entailed to that today more than ever the Venezuelan management that confronts this reality it must be reorganized, generate new approaches administrative and mainly to know how to confront and to face the challenges. Before this evidence it does not surprise that it is said that the Venezuelan scene presents/displays great turbulences in the economic thing, political, social, cultural, educational that a generating management of changes demands, able to face the turbulences a roll, determinant in everything what can to lead to leave windy these turbulences. The Venezuelan management must adapt to the new knowledge that demand the present scenes, cannot remain anchored in the past, applying old woman theories, tools, models that attempt against the survival of the organizations where they toil. Today the scenes are more dynamic, put under constantly changes, innovations, to turbulences, where the Alliances are determining figures in the opening to conquer new markets. I consider that many of the characteristics that I show next, correspond more weaknesses than strengths since far from to grant to the organization productivity and competitiveness, generates retrabados, inefficiency and inefficiency. Weaknesses Are many the weaknesses that at the moment the management confronts that can be transformed in: Very little knowledge of the modern administration.

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