Viktor Yanukovych

Further along the route followed by district B-3, or rather, a vacant lot between gray paneled five-story building and handed over last year mnogopodezdnym brick house. Kurylin showed the deputies and representatives of the Government of Samara region, where there should be a kindergarten for 330 places, as well as three houses on which construction scheduled for relocation of dilapidated housing. And somehow unobtrusive, slightly shifting the extended arm, Alexander, said the chairman of the srs Sazonov: – Viktor Yanukovych, here is the mountain, where Martynov (Director npf meta – approx.) Plan to make the ski slopes. And, suddenly, could not resist one of the deputies – the deputy chairman of the Committee on Local Government srs av Gontar: – Viktor Yanukovych, so I listened to today (Kurylina – approx.) – a very optimistic forecasts. Here we are in the Duma, and in the city we have everything in Samara there crying, weeping, weeping. Here, only one positive. No negatives.

– And do you want? – Immediately reacted Kurylin. – Do now – these words have were made by the laughter of Deputies, to evaluate the joke in stride. Discussing the positive and : "Well, the second straight Switzerland!" Deputies took their places on the buses. New march and now the fence btf, followed by the sad site of the future, but it is extremely needed and welcome – the morgue. Yet appeared dug pit, in which, as explained Kurylin, filled with 500 mm reinforced concrete slab. Under her order of a meter of rolled gravel.

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