Vision Politics

Electoral Corrals and of the natural goods our country in exchange for privileges and of the institutionalization of the beggary. I have that to compliment the current politicians, them they are ingenious. After the end of the governabilidade of the military, them (said Saving), they had continued to persuade the people, making the oaths of customs. We had then a new government or not? True charada a governmental one was being born, the demon-segmented politicians; declares itself, only commanders of the biggest humbug politics of this country. We must fill the democratic emptiness that the people want,, they said. They remember? The tipsy people for the manifestations and oaths – without had the real knowledge of the facts agreed to everything that was said for new the chaste politics – that of new it did not have nothing, therefore was the same ones that they had always wanted to take possetion themselves of the wealth of Brazil and to enslave the population on behalf of the spalling of the country. They look at the congress that if congregated at that time, is the same that today he is involved in the main crimes of corruption, shunting lines and disobediences.

The parties are exactly, the politicians also and to mask one more time, had decided to change the name of its legends, so that> Democrats and Republicans . I think to be important to have the registered truth, before they rewrite history. If some day we go to have our Brazil in return, we have that to understand as we enter in this confusion. The necessary people to understand that the Armed Forces exist to support and to defend the Country, does not stop being government or to defend governments. Currently, its cogitao, is confrotted on the other hand, with intratveis and cliente national problems of a capable and full Armed Force of energy, was very easy to mention it, as a solution for the moral of the institutions of the government.

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