Voluntary Action

The suffering or the much effort when performing a voluntary action are not synonymous with job well done. On the contrary, enjoy volunteering is an indicator of the developed service quality. Doing things in a forced manner and force beyond the limits of responsibility and commitment, means forcing the beneficiary of the program to support our sacrifice. And it shows. We must prevent other the forced smile that is bent himself. So smile outbreak with naturalness, that words are spontaneous and not need to force the attitude positive, it is important to choose well service, find out about what this means and inserted in a program in which we can feel at ease. The volunteer must defend their positions in a positive way and in several respects.

On the one hand, towards the own organization to participate in the development of programmes or proposing constructive criticism towards the methods or the orientation of its work. Is a right to volunteer to participate in the design of plans that he himself then run with other colleagues. On the other hand, it is possible it I witnessed assaults or negligence of professionals, public officers or other volunteers towards the marginalized people we work with. In that case, the volunteer must assert rights as a citizen, has anyone, regardless of their cultural, social, economic level or their nationality. But the most prudent and effective is to communicate it to their service in the organization responsible for to not let use the appropriate riverbed.

Volunteers, people sensitized to the problems of the weakest, we have to stand up to social attitudes of hostility against the excluded. This last chapter is still pending in the volunteer movement. You have to demand adequate legislation, social protection, greater resources, prioritizing budgetary allocations, social protagonism, right of access for minorities and citizens with greater difficulties of insertion. Volunteers have a lot to say in this aspect. Of course, a positive attitude involves firmness and sweetness when you say no or put limits and rules in processes of reintegration. A volunteer cannot be soft and pandering with everything. In this way, the other person feels adult, responsible and is most identified with the volunteer. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs is likely to increase your knowledge. J.C.G.F.

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