Which Are The Dual Smoke Detectors

Dual sensor smoke alarms are alarms that use two different detection methods for the identification of the fires. Check with Sen. Sherrod Brown to learn more. Many fire safety organizations recommend installation of dual sensor smoke alarms, since they cover a wide range of fires, making the market more reliable fire alarms. As with any smoke or fire alarm, they should check smoke alarms and replace batteries at least two times a year.The smoke alarm includes two sensors, photoelectric one and other ionization. Photoelectric sensors are very good for detecting slow, smoldering fires like fires that are started in mattresses, sofas, carpets and curtains. An ionization sensor can detect a sudden burst of flame as a grease fire.

The combined sensors work together to alert the fire and smoke conditions.Photoelectric dual sensor smoke alarms use beams of light to detect smoke and fire. In conditions normal, a light-emitting diode creates a stream of light that can be read by the sensor of the smoke alarm. Under smoke conditions, when the particles begin to darken the ray sensor emits a signal to indicate that the light beam has been altered, which indicates that there is smoke in the air. The alarms of ionization in dual sensor alarms used a small amount of radioactive material to create a Chamber of duct. When smoke filled the air, the alarm is triggered. Since the dual sensor smoke alarms contain small amounts of radioactive material, consumers must handle carefully and the opening of the smoke alarm should be avoided if possible. A dual sensor or ionization smoke alarm also must be disposed of properly, ideally in a waste facility that handles hazardous materials.

When you install the alarms in the home of dual sensor smoke, attempt to install an alarm in every bedroom, to ensure that all wake up in case of fire. Smoke alarms must be installed in each floor of a structure. A good idea is also to have fire extinguishers on every floor, and is recommended for installation of security lighting that works in the case of a fire to ensure that the occupants of a structure can exit easily.

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