Whitehall Statue

Although it is difficult to imagine the port of the city of New York without the statue of liberty, the monumental sculpture of 46 m in height not was inaugurated not until 1886, a gift from France to the United States on the occasion of the celebration of 100 years of independence remain the same. With the passage of time, the work of Frederic Bartholdi became symbol of democracy and hope for the hundreds of thousands of immigrants who arrived in New York in the early 20th century through Ellis Island. Today thousands of visitors reach Battery Park to visit both islands. The National Park Service manages the complex, and although admission to the parks is free, visitors pay for the transportation by ferries, which are administered by a private concessionaire.The statue of liberty and Ellis Island are popular tourist attractions, combined with the required security scrutiny before boarding the ships, resulting in long waiting lines. Restrictions similar to boarding a plane apply for access to the transportation, including size limits on baggage and restrictions on dangerous articles. A visit to the statue of liberty requires several hours, especially if you have reservations for access to the pedestal.To gain access to the Crown and the pedestal of the statue is necessary to book in advance through the page Web of the company’s ferries.

Access to the Crown is limited and very popular and many people book with a year in advance. The ascent is via a narrow staircase of 354 steps and the observation in the Crown area is small and 1.83 m tall, and is not recommended for persons claustrofobicas. To get to the statue of the Libertas you can take the subway lines R to Whitehall station; line 1 to South Ferry, or lines 4 and 5 to Bowling Green.Los boats operate every half hour from 8: 30 am to 4: 30 pm daily. You can buy tickets on the web page:, by phone by calling 1-877-523-9849 or in person at Castle Clinton in Battery Park. Tickets for adults are $12, $10 for people older than 65 years, and $5 for children between the ages of 4 and 12. Children under 4 years old do not pay admission.The statue of liberty is one of the attractions included in the New York City Explorer Pass, a card that offers discounts on the purchase of admission tickets at tourist attractions in New York.

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