Work Permit For Foreigners

Nevertheless, in order to be able to hire a foreign worker, you must arrange a certain number of documents including work permits for each foreign citizen, as well as permission to foreign labor (DCI). Specialists of "Belens" have extensive experience in processing work permits for foreigners in obtaining a permit to hire foreign nationals. Depending on the that came from your future employee, a list of documents required may vary. To obtain a work permit for foreign nationals from the former Soviet procedure is simplified. This applies to foreigners from the CIS. Citizens of Belarus a work permit in Moscow is not required.

Yes, the work permit is not a very complicated procedure, however, an independent campaign for the office and on obbivanie thresholds can take a lot of precious time which you could usefully spend on other equally important issues. And the time – money! Therefore it is better to entrust the execution of a work permit for foreigners professionals. Especially beneficial to contact our firm if you have more than 10 prospective employees from abroad. Work permits for foreigners from abroad can be a bit more difficult, of course, provided that you do it yourself and not through the law firm of specialists who have succeeded greatly in the field of obtaining a work permit. After self-registration permit may take a long time – from 4 months. Obtaining a work permit – this is a mandatory procedure and permission must be obtained every foreigner who wants to work in Moscow and in Russia in general.

If only a few years ago, some employers, and disregarded a permit to work in spite of the possible penalties and risks, the situation has now changed and better secure the peace of mind filling out a work permit for each foreign worker than being subject to serious penalties. Obtain a work permit for foreign nationals from abroad can be difficult. In addition to work permits in Moscow for every foreigner, you must get another permit to employ foreign workers. If you yourself have tried to execute the necessary work permits, would spend a minimum of 3.5 months. Less time required for resolution foreign labor and work permit in Russia, if it will take for our lawyers.

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