– I drove from to Osh, a couple of bags of drugs, would be enough to buy a house, a garden and never shake on the highway – shares his thoughts driver truck. He has kindly agreed to take me in Murghab. The car roared overcomes the dangerous highway – Osh. – High risk – I withdraw. – And do not venture? But then he would know what for. Drug couriers know what the risk. After checking our documents in the post -Tal, the guards were invited to the trailer, were treated to hot tea in tin cups. We chatted.

On account of the post of many detainees narkoperevozchikov. Accompanying the major parties Smugglers usually drive up before the machine with heroin, and traded with those who are on duty. Young officer, with whom drug traffickers were unsuccessful talk about skipping the party opium and threw it on the table picture little daughter. "Do not miss – a living can not see " He never missed, but his place of service had to change for missing a large batch of drug couriers offer of $ 20000 to $ 50000 dollars. "And nothing else to do, just for a second turn your head to the side, "- laughing guards. They are convinced that large quantities of drugs receives an order and their passing is controlled.

One day, tell the post, the traffickers have taken about 300 kilograms of opium, for According to detainees, the cargo destined for Amsterdam – where he waited two days. Apparently, the consignment of drugs was paid in advance, delay the party was bound to cause the second attempt. And just a month later was arrested truck, which was opium. Drugs were the same weight in the same package. – So, all the way from Moscow to Amsterdam drugs provide cover – with bitterness said Major P., hinting at corruption in the higher levels of government, including law enforcement agencies. – Who covers the drug runners? – The question is better ask in Moscow.

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Disability Insurance

All over the world, most of the people and their families depend on a paycheck to pay off your fixed monthly expenses and live. But when for some reason and they can not work, they face a serious problem. To avoid this, have created occupational disability insurance, so that workers can meet their economic and financial responsibilities if you have an illness or injury that prevents him from their regular work. In some countries, for example, there is a call for DISABILITY INSURANCE LONG TERM, or LTD, as its acronym in English, which protects those who can no longer work after suffering an injury or severe illness. In almost all countries have disability insurance policies both nationally and in the private sphere.

This insurance replaces a portion of income that the worker has ceased to receive as a result. To be eligible, a worker can process through their employers or by themselves, individually, but in both cases, the worker must undergo a thorough medical examination, which also takes into account your medical history to determine what could be their preexisting conditions. In case of necessity requires it or their families to communicate with the employer immediately, by telephone and in writing, to begin the formalities and avoid unnecessary delays. This can help almost immediately to replace the disabled worker's salary and alleviate the economic situation in a very difficult time. It is also a top priority to collect, save, copy and deliver the necessary documentary evidence showing that the worker is eligible for this benefit: state agencies and private insurance maintain standards of assessment of each case to prevent abuses in the background. The amount you pay per month to workers who have become disabled depends to some extent on the amount that he had been earning a monthly basis until the time of the accident or illness that caused his disability. Many companies take special care to have this kind of insurance for a day all employees, because they believe it protects their valuable human resources within and outside of work, often until the worker must come back to your home. Both national governments, employers and workers should bear in mind that where an employee can not work, disability insurance works for him and for him.

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What Is Personal Financial Planning?

The plan is to build a clear and organized business to achieve a goal. Planning your finances is the process of identifying targets for the management of asset and liability flows of money in the medium and long term, and implementing appropriate steps to achieve them, with due professional advice. Put simply, we start to assess where we are today (economically speaking, assets, liabilities, revenues and expenses), where we are going, and what is more important, where it is heading and how we will. In Personal Financial Planning, everything revolves around the person and their wants and needs, not including business plans. It is a process that develops over time, with appropriate modifications as conditions change and the environment.

This process will identify the goals and are designed according to a set amount and a time to reach them (How much money do I need and how long you get). Gives professional advice and objective external view of the development plan, provides their experience and knowledge of the market favoring the interest of the client on their own. The contribution of vocational training is very important, considering that the money brings with it many emotions, which may adversely affect the achievement of objectives. Today we can say that all individuals and families, regardless of their socioeconomic status, need a financial plan. Social and labor mobility is much higher, a person throughout his life can change several times from work or even career. It is also possible that those who now owns a business at some point be looking for a job as an employee, and perhaps once again be independent. Social security systems today are overwhelmed, which makes each one should provide for their needs for retirement, this period is being expanded because of the increased life expectancy. The modules that comprise a Personal Financial Plan are: cash flow (all income – all expenses)

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Genius vs Stupidity: A Look at Chopra, Barenboim, Cohen.

Brechner JOSE a The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has, confine – NN From Deepak Chopra read almost all his books. Guru brilliant physician and comforting self-taught in science ayurveda is an eminence. (I guess I do not know the other). Eloquent as few lecture is a pleasure to hear mental and spiritual. Everything was going in his favor until he appeared with four other influential guests on Larry King Live, the night before the U.S.

presidential election 2004. Each one represented a major religious movement in the United States, although Chopra (63) no no religion preaches, his is a form of new age spirituality that does not bother anyone. Other participants Chopra turtle looked like a tree. The topic of discussion focused on religion and its relationship to national issues like prayer in public places, gay marriage, intelligent design and many controversial issues. Without clarity and disconnected from Indeed, their participation was so mediocre that was isolated from the debate.

From that day Deepak Chopra went to my naive. I assumed that he was invited because it attracts large audiences, to think that it was in his element and that he would rather not be there. How wrong I was, Dr. Chopra loves to talk about politics and not his field and talks nonsense. In another television appearance in December 2008, he told Bill OoReilly, the U.S. should send doctors rather than soldiers, to Iraq, Afghanistan and other trouble spots. (If ensures that there are going to kidnap and behead a motion could be considered).

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