Alderman City Council

Toro, duck and pork.Turkey already has forgotten me, as also the mosquito. While the regional government supported by the Government of the State is this charging parties in these days of fiesta mayor of the village, is they are hearing some voices that now touches to be civilized and to be civilized we can not go see bullfighting until we have more than fourteen years, but if we can see how they kill sticks they stab or they ametrallan to death our heroes of the cinematelevision, video games or consoles. Now, to be civilized, not we can amuse ourselves if for this reason must be dizzy to some other duck as says some Alderman City Council and recalling the law of protection of animals adopted last year by the regional government this is serious!. Now be more civilized. The slaughter of the pig, where several families or enough people of the village gathered and spent all day has already been loaded. The custom of some that another community carried out the killing of the kid, is also are loaded say, begins to be prohibited. What kill the Turkey for Christmas not be if even allowed.

Although also this habit seems that it has been lost. As they say, is be civilized treatment which receives the human species to legislate the Government different procedures that freeze or manipulate or destroy in its origins to the species, or if is in the scene of progressivism even can aspire to provoke one a dignified death! Furthermore, continues being civilized kill insects with those paralyzing sprays or the Flyswatter always or using the service of control of mosquitoes than not is that they do with the larvae but it seems that they disappear almost all with their spraying. But now it seems that the mosquitoes will have a period of splendour in this small region of the world, because the product he used that control service for 25 years, not this approved and do not allow you to use. Despite this, as some many are still uncivilized animals, continue year after year having fun with the correbou and l empaitada d anecs, i.e. make run at the befestigungsschraube and pursue and catch the duck in the water and smaller, for the moment, can come to see the Bullfight on television because that not yet have banned you, as they can also still see killings and fights that our heroes perform.PD. By the way!, also allowed us see news about the TV news, uncensored images.

We are a civilized country and now being civilized and while we rested or we are eating, some many are dedicated to keep abreast with these news so civilized that emit our public television.

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