The State

The simple fact of the followers accepts ' ' no' ' to express itself freely on the public medias, considering the concept of supposedly untouchable the real sacralidade. How to admit that the Moroccans can refuse a text considered for the Commander of the fidiciary offices? Under pressure of the street, the monarchy is trying to place its basic question: between the democracy and the sacralidade, which the choice. Not necessarily conscientious of these challenges underlying politicians in which we envolvimos, the street, it wait concrete signals of change. Already, the repression of a pacific manifestation in Casablanca, 13 of March, hangs in the doubt. Why this violence, if some days but later, the king had promised the democracy? All the eyes are fixed in the next sunday, 20 of March, the date announced for the massive manifestations. Many writers such as Amazon offer more in-depth analysis. The State seems not to have good option.

If it to decide to leave to fall the mask, if the State dicide to restrain the people, the scaling risk is high. Preocupao of the authorities, the king could not be touched by the manifestants, but at the same time fearing that this opens the field for a Egipciano scene. If, for the opposite, the State takes the foot and leaves the manifestations if they uncurl without a hook, this went to stimulate the people to go down still more in the street and to intensify the pressure. Early or late, Mohammed VI must answer the aspirations of the people. Until how much and until point? Difficult to foresee, while the situation is distorbida and uncertain a thing is certain: the box of Pandora of the democracy is opened and nobody will close. Lahcen EL MOUTAQI, Consultant, Professor ' ' it is researcher of the University Mohmmed VI Rabat.

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The Lie the act to lie if daily shows gift in the life of the humanity. Polidez, omission, education, strategy, self-control, dissimulation, irony, eufemismo, affection, hiprbole, compliment, politics and emotional intelligence, as well as plastic surgery, silica use, smoothing of hair and suti of bulge, constitute some ways found for the people to use the lie, the enganao, that is, one form to hide the essence for the appearance, practical so valued in modern times. The children, for example, like to say what they think, however are hindered by the parents, which teach they ' ' social rules of convivncia' ' , that they do not pass of marks of the inverdade in the interpersonal relations. But this does not disclose one ' ' privilgio' ' but of the human beings, it has seen that the animal irrationals also camouflage, its canine tooth dissimulates and is deceptive, everything to be survived, as well as makes the individuals. Educate yourself with thoughts from Richard Blumenthal. Of this form, it is observed that great part of the people if shows hypocritical when it affirms that it hates the lie, since it has lain every day for itself and the others. Being thus, one becomes necessary to argue philosophical the action to hide the truth, because many truths do not even pass of lies consolidated for the autoengano, therefore, as they say the genius Axe of Assis and a Chinese saying, respectively, ' ' the life of what swims inebriates more the wine of verdade' ' ' ' a stocking-truth is always a lie inteira' '. Nobody must, for these reasons, if to intitle owner of the truth, nor to use the lie of unscrupulous form, has seen that all need the search for the mannering ethics, by means of the agreement of that the critical reflection of the actions can promote essential sociocultural transformations to the human being and the world where it lives. Jean Carlos Neris de Paula.

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Gaiger Luiz

In this way, these diverse denominations contribute to conclude that the solidary economy if has become an alternative way capable to increase the number of jobs, to diminish the precarizao degree and to create the increasing notion of autonomy and right citizens. To finish theoretical boarding of this study, becomes necessary to point the term – solidary economic enterprises (EES) established by Gaiger Luiz. According to author (1999; 2001; 2002), under the light of the marxist theory, the EES represent a new social form of production for the modification of the principles and the ends of the economic organization. According to Gaiger (2003, P. 135), the EES are constituted of: ‘ ‘ diverse modalities of economic organization, originated of the free association of the workers, on the basis of principles of self management, cooperation, efficiency and viability. Agglutinating individuals excluded of the work market, or moved for the force of its certainties, to the search of collective alternatives of sobrevivncia’ ‘.

Finally, still as Gaiger (1999), the main characteristics and principles of the EES are: – self management, understood as the control of the management for the set of the associates and autonomy ahead of external agents; – democracy, express for the decisions taken for the set of the associates, through directive instances freely formed and elect, guaranteeing transparency in the exercise of the direction and fiscalization for independent agencies; – participation, guaranteed for the regularity and frequency in meetings, assemblies and consultations, with raised degree of attendances and mobilization of renewal mechanisms and alternation of the directive pictures; – igualitarismo, guaranteeing for criteria of remuneration for the work, an equitable division of the excesses and benefits, for the socialization of the capital and the permanent inexistence of others regimes of work for the activity-end; – cooperation, understood as the responsibility partilhada in the productive process, including relations and reciprocity, social parity between functions of direction and execution reliable or between manual and intellectual tasks; – self-sustainment, express in the productive activity generating of viability economic-financier, without comprometimento of the social and natural environment; – human development, that includes processes of formation of the conscience and integral education and initiatives of theoretical and professional qualification; – social responsibility, that estimates solidary ethics, socially compromised with improvements in the community and solidary relations of commerce, changes and interchange; practical generating of irradiador and multiplying effect.

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Social Public Politics

In Portuguese, the word ' ' poltica' ' if it in such a way relates to the process of dispute for positions and negotiation of interests in the society how much to the implementation of specific governmental actions, in the area of education, health, environment, reduction of the poverty, and others. It enters the diverse public politics (the economic one, the ambient one, of science and the technology and others), pblica appeared the concept of social politics as a tipologia of politics whose agreement if expressed through a set of principles, lines of direction, objectives and norms, of permanent and including character, that guides the performance of the public power in one determined area. It is possible to think about social politics in terms of three great types, or generations. The first generation is formed by the politics of magnifying and social extension of the benefits and rights. In the case of Brazil, them if they initiate in the decade of 30, with the creation of the first laws of protection to the worker and the first institutions of social welfare, and culminates, can be argued, with the Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil of 1988 (CRFB/88), that it consecrates an ample set of social rights in the area of the education, health, protection to the worker, and others. The CRFB/88 officially instituted the system of social seguridade in Brazil, based on the tripod providence, health and social assistance, and through its article 195, the sociedade through budgetary resources of the Union, the States and the Municpios defined its financing for all, beyond the social contributions of employers (leves of wages, invoicing and profits), of workers and prescriptions of competitions and prognostics (lotteries). This normalization had great importance in what it says respect to the politics that integrate the system, therefore from the constitution was recognized the right to the social protection due for the State as universal (the all citizen), independently of previous contribution to the system, and it established organizativas structures of democratic character for its funcionamento (advice, deep, commissions, conferences, and others). .

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Balanced Scorecard

In what it concerns the strategical planning of the STJ already if it uses of the Strategical Planning as management model since 1998, being reference in the subject for diverse public organizations. From 2004, the Court got a significant advance, time where he adopted a balanced model of management, footwear in planning system that allowed to establish the strategical vision and to translate the organizacionais lines of direction in concrete actions. To know more about this subject visit Paulo Coelho. The result of the application of this model, the Balanced Scorecard, was the establishment of a Plan of biennial Management, used until the beginning of 2010. (STJ, 2011) With the establishment of the National Strategical Plan of the Judiciary one, regulated for the National Advice of Justice, by means of Resolution CNJ n.70, of 18 of March of 2009, the strategy of performance front to the institucional responsibilities of the STJ was redefined to take care of to the national lines of direction, passing of a biennial regularity for quinquennial (STJ, 2011). Therefore it aims at to guide the efforts of the court in the search of a justice more current, fast and always next to the necessities of the citizen. The used managemental system, known for Balanced Scorecard (BSC), allows the alignment of objectives, pointers, goals and initiatives, of form that the units act in co-ordinated way, with defined strategical vision. So that this orientation happens of clear form, the administration started to elaborate plain strategical for a minimum stated period five year. The conception of the plans allows adjustments during its execution, of form to contemplate emergent situations and new necessities that imply introduction, alterations or exclusion of initiatives and goals, with sights to the realinhamento strategical. 4. Balanced Scorecard BSC The Balanced Scorecard BSC appeared at the beginning of years 90 through a group of researchers of the University of Harvard, led for Robert Kaplan and David Norton.

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Integrated System

It sees if, therefore, that with the advent of Law 8987/95 that it regulates the justinian codes of concession permission, the difference practically enters these does not exist more, time that the permission left to have legal nature of administrative act, passing the administrative contract, as well as the concession. The INSTALLMENT OF the SERVICE OF COLLECTIVE TRANSPORT OF $FORTALEZA the delegation of the installment of the public service of the city of $fortaleza was made to the private initiative for the regimen of Concession. The private initiative generates this public service, but it does not make it to its exempts alvedrio. The city hall, through the ETTUFOR, manages and fiscalizes this service. Valley to remember that the ETTUFOR is today a total public company. In 1990, a cooperation accord was signed technique enters the Municipal City hall of $fortaleza and the Company of Transporte Coletivo (CTC), making possible the delegation of the planning activities and operational control of the System of Public Transport of Passengers for bus for the CTC. It had a concern with the renewal and systematic inspection of the fleet of bus and with implantation of the managemental and operational control, as well as with the routine services of maintenance of itineraries and sizing of the lines of existing buses. To complement the system of operational control they had been implanted, in strategical points of the main corridors of public transport, a set of control cabin, in which employee of the CTC they inside verified and they controlled the ticket of the buses of the specified schedules, making possible the verification of the data informed for the Operting companies. (Source: Paulo Coelho). Parallel to the works of implantation of the control and management of the System, the project of the Integrated System of Transports was developed, that had as main action the inauguration of the Terminal Antonio Heifer and the Terminal of Messejana.

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Regional Legislative Assembly

The prosecutor's office of Novgorod region in the I half of 2010 on the results of the study of more than 5 thousand regulations and their projects, has identified 698 corruption-generating factors, the press service. factors contained in 13 legal acts of the Government of the Novgorod region, two projects of normative legal acts of the Regional Legislative Assembly (OZS) and 534 regulatory legal acts of local government. As a result of intervention prosecution of corruption-generating factors are excluded from the 385 regulations and their projects. As before, the highest number of corruption-generating factors revealed in normative legal acts regulating budgetary legal and in compliance with the rights, freedoms and duties of man and citizen, to exercise control and oversight functions. The most common continuing to be factors associated with unduly broad discretion to limit government, municipal authorities and their officials, the definition of competence according to the formula right. " The district prosecutor, ma .

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Political Message

Jose Maria Eca de Queiroz (1845-1900) is recognized as the largest Portuguese novelist. The author of A illustrious House of Ramires, mordant critic of the society of his time, wrote one of the most touching pages of world literature. However, few understood its political message. At a time of so much materialism, in which the human being, stifled by the violence, begins searching for the solution to their individual and collective despairs intensely in the divine Amparo, can only do you good, while patiently waiting for earthly solutions, the memory of a child’s appeal served by one of the greatest symbols of solidarity that has news: At that time Jesus had not even gone from Galilee, from the banks of the Lake of Genesaret. but the news of his miracles had already come to Shechem, rich city, among vineyards, in the country of Samaria. Fence of Shechem, in a shack, lived an unhappy widow among all, that had a son sick with fever. The miserable floor was not whitewashed, neither had a cot in it. On red clay lamp oil was dry.

Grain was missing from the Ark, the sleeper of the domestic mill noise had ceased, and this was in Israel cruel evidence of infinite misery. The poor mother, sitting in a corner, crying. And, kneeling, covered in rags, pale and trembling, the child asked, with weak voice as a sigh, that would be to call this Rabbi from Galilee who heard speak at the well of Jaco, he loved children, who nourished multitudes and cured all evils human with the caress of his hands. And the mother said to him, crying: how wilt thou, my son, that I leave you and go to look for the Rabbi of Galilee? Obed is rich and have servants, I saw them pass, and in vain sought Jesus through small villages and cities, from Corazim until the country of Moab. Septimus is strong, has soldiers, also saw them pass, and asked for Jesus without having found from Hebron until the sea.

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Ortiz Conquistar

She does not gather in a limousine and presntela with a dozen of roses, dinner to an expensive restaurant and a dance of a serenade in the light of the moon. This only works in the films. In the real life it would probably scare a woman. One does not go and it does not spend too much money in the first appointment. It uses this appointment to feel connection between you. This it is when you are constructing a relation with her. You want to find out more envelope she and what you they have common. To deepen your understanding Richard Blumenthal is the source. You need to relax and to be comfortable around of she and to estimate its potential.

It decides if you want to see it again, or if an appointment is enough with this woman. You do not want to spend time and money in being with a woman to whom you do not want or with that he does not amuse himself. If you are very interested in this woman, then you can work in constructing sexual chemistry, nevertheless, for his first appointment you do not have too much to be sent with its sexual interest. You want to coquetear with her, and to catch its attention, but you do not have to offend it with its sexual desires! If you want really it, mustreselo to traverse of subtle gestures putting his hand in its back while she walks slightly ahead of you, or giving him massage of the man. Simply it takes time to know it. It does not press a woman to put itself sexual too much soon. If you are looking for a woman she stops one night then it must probably change to his approach and its expectations. The good things come to which knows to hope; this is truth for the good women, also. You have that to understand that a woman with the morals and/or values will want to trust a man and to be able to know it before to lie down with him.

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Brazilian Democratic Movement

These actions start if to materialize due to the support of the leaderships politics of the society, notadamente of the ones of opposition, that blunted in the scene national politician: Parcels of the leaderships politics of the Brazilian Democratic Movement – MDB, party of opposition to the military dictatorship, associations of civil society e, over all the affection of considerable part of the population evidenced that the growth of the movement for the democracy would not be restricted to the protest for the vote, in the 1974 elections (the MDB was successful in 15 of the 21 Brazilian states to the elections of senators and members of the house of representatives; for first time, since last presidential election, of 1955-60, the population 5 was located national) and in 1976, in the municipal lawsuit, when also the MDB chose thousand of mayors and councilmen (BOITO Jr, 1991, p.104). The politician-electoral victory of the MDB, in the elections of 1974 and 1976, and the governmental initiative known as ' ' distenso' ' 6 later ' ' Poltica&#039 opening; ' – they had initiated a new cycle in the syndical relations. This process evidenced the recognition for the authorities of that, despite and because of the initiatives of control of this authoritarian state, the society resisted and created difficulties so that the mechanisms most arbitrary were constantly used, compelling the government to adapt itself, to the new reality. The result of the elections of 1974 and 1976 demonstrates this resistance. 1 the crisis of the State if defines of the point of the conception of State of Gramsci, for the disruption of the joint of the set of fractions of the ruling class in the historical block. 2 ' ' This nickname must it all the severity and the obstacles in it prescribed for the accomplishment of strikes, since inserted in a context, a gear against the organization, the mobilization, the strike.

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