How To Protect Yourself From Tax Errors

Tax Inspectorate of the Russian law is very harsh to errors in the calculation of tax documents. Anyone regardless of intentional or accidental errors committed in the conduct of tax reporting is a currently sanctioned by the tax authorities of appropriate fines, penalties, and the deteriorating financial condition of your business. Often, the regional authorities do not attach much importance to the publication of normative documents with new changes in taxation. And as pravelo accountant shall be notified only when filing a regular reporting of tax inspection. Errors are divided into several types: 1) Lack of or incorrect filling of documents (Acts, orders, contracts, bills of lading documents), and 2) ignorance of new laws and regulations in the conduct of tax reporting, 3) Errors committed with arithmetic calculations, 4) Untimely provision of documents tax office (often found in small organizations through the fault of an accountant), 5) Delay in payment of taxes (as is common among large enterprises is not where the chief accountant for personal or other reasons not performs its proper functions).

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