Russia Civilization

One had the feeling that the oversaturated so serious Blame the beginning was to discourage the transfer of the famous archaeologist, and inspire viewers to pre-biased assessment of what is happening. But when the seemingly perfect readiness, the organizers of the program was allowed a very serious miscalculation. With an abundance of information discrediting Arch, with some clever juggling facts at a constant call to their everyday Russian question "national idea" could be observed lack of knowledge of the historical material, fact-the absence of specific examples. As a result, the first round it, so to speak, a fight went completely unconvincing and, moreover, a failure – just from the standpoint of journalism. Alexander Gordon – unfortunately – could not create any interesting debate, neither at least, spicy, lively discussion. All the action came down to a rather offensive, but entirely unconvincing claims to an unpleasant dispute with the strange pseudo-scientific arguments and outright provocation in the repulsion side of the nationalist ideas. "The fight against windmills," which is a dramatic transfer basis, "Gordon Quixote," rather reminiscent of a boxing "shadow boxing", where strikes are in void. Alexander Gordon. It seems to me that without good reason, albeit with good intentions, in order to save civilization from the attacks found, you was invented and put into the world of history that Arch can be … for the national idea of Russia, because it produces all of us: the Russian people and especially the Slavs, who live in Russia – from the most ancient representatives of civilization (including the European civilization) from the ancient Aryans.

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Press Politics

When one studies the questions of sort in a period guided for the conception politics is necessary to have in mind that the presidential elections in Brazil during the Old Republic were only ritual that they consecrated the previous names chosen by the dominant oligarchies. ‘ ‘ The presidential campaigns of 1909 and 1919 had been special for the presence of Rui Barbosa that nailed reforms to moralizar the elections and federalismo’ ‘ (YOUNG CHICKEN, 2003, p.17). For in such a way it are of the world of the oligarchies, Brazil, was marked by some transformations important that they point the sprouting of an urban culture. It is distinguished for the movement of women, that of an important point was organized for the electoral questions.

It has a great importance of the participation of the women in the space politician, therefore it disarticulates the argument, that politics is only for the men. However as politics it is subject for debate in the society, the woman must know the subject and the vocabulary politician, appears at this moment Berta elect Lutz in 1934. The feminine argument is defined as space of fight and work. Face to the subject Work, we will present some characteristics of the woman in the Old Republic, concerning its development in the sphere of the work, for this, it is placed inside woman of the social relations. For Isabel Billion: It is important to point out, in this direction, that the women had started to enter in the world of the work at the moment where the workshops were giving place to the plants and them they had started to work in an environment where the impersonal relations and the increase of in the distance enter the owners of the companies and the employees make possible the development of practical that they still allowed a bigger exploration of the work.

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Industrial Revolution

They had been 31 years of conflicts with an interval of 20 years. The World War I (1914-1918) was a war never before seen, where the involved nations had shown the tragic result of the Industrial Revolution. The Second War (1939-1945) was a continuation of the First War, however it was the war more destructive of history. In the six years of conflicts of the Second War it enters the forces of the Axle and the Allies, that is, the fascism of Italy and German nazism, both supported by Japan, against the liberal capitalism of the Frenchmen, English and North Americans, and still against the socialism of the Soviet Union. With a number of died of about 50 million people, innumerable wounded during the combats, without counting on the deaths for epidemics, hunger and exhaustion (in the case of holocausto), innumerable houses, important plants, churches, monuments, public building and indispensable plantations to the human consumption total or had been partially destroyed.

We can visualize the psychological one of the mothers who turn its children and husbands to direct themselves for battle front. With this, families had been insults and cities had been arrasadas with the vast destruction because of the constant bombings. It had, for example, in the Ussr in 1959 seven women for each four men. On the other hand, the war generated job, since one was necessary four days after the explosion of the first nuclear bomb 1865) and Franc (1870 1871), already one used the telegraph without wire and the railroad. In the two great wars, beyond these, they had also been used submarines, airplanes, tanks of war and cars of combat. The machine gun already used before now appears quick and lethal.

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Magos Luther Burbank passed great part of its life despertando in the others, is read competing, the green however not emerald feeling of the envy. Its feats, between ends of century XIX and start of the XX had given origin to a new transitivo verb in the English language: you burbank, registered for the Webster as to modify and to perfect. It is what it happens with who act freely? they bother those confusions in the proper teias. Its bigrafos had always emphasized that Burbank ' ' it was and he remains one enigma' '. The main book of the Self-Realization Fellowship is dedicated to its memory. Three years after publishing entrancing ' ' The origin of espcies' ' , Charles Robert Darwin launched, in 1862, ' ' The fecundao of orqudeas' ' , considered until today as one of the most complete studies on an only species. What it jumped to the eyes of the researcher was the way for which the insects took care of of the fecundao of these flowers.

Darwin passed 12 years searching the subject, weaveeed notebooks and notebooks on ' ' fertilizao cruzada' ' ' ' vigor hbrido' ' , for, at last, directing itself for the other plan without distrusting, at least with much precision, that something more than the mere one perhaps was in game in the crossing of the species. This something could be submitted the will of the man. In this point Burbank enters. In 1901, during the Floral Congress of San Francisco, Luther the botanical brotherhood of the following form would evaluate: ' ' The main work of the botanical ones of long ago was the study and the private classification of vegetal mmias, droughts and of soul. They had thought invariant who its classified species was more fixed and that everything what we can now imagine, either in the sky or the land.

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Never More

In this period the government divulged slogans of the type: ‘ ‘ this is a country that goes for frente’ ‘. When the economic miracle entered in crisis, Mdice adopted measured as the wage wage freeze that affected the diligent classroom that met disabled to make manifestations due the repression. The consequncia of this was the ascent of the inflation and the frightful increase of the external debt. With everything, we can observe that it was very well boarded the question of the repression and the punishments, placing itself very well the types of tortures and the fear of that the population felt. Leaving to approach facts important as the economic miracle.

Certain that the intention was to count the history of Zuzu, but for this it would be necessary to approach characteristic peculiar of that period. An imperfection that we can notice meets in the scene where Lamara assaults a bank, the reason was not explicit for which these groups politicians committed these delicts. What it demands of the spectator previous conhecimeto on the dictatorship. Another well serious imperfection is placed in the parts where ‘ ‘ it tries-se’ ‘ to approach the importance of the media, therefore inacreditalvemente ‘ ‘ esqueceram’ ‘ to detach the paper of the Net Globe of Television as allied officer of the military dictatorship. That during the dictatorship it transmitted every day, for the Brazilian families, propagandas that showed Brazil in peace times. In elapsing of the years of lead, great part of the artists had elaborated workmanships that criticized the dictatorship and stimulated the population to fight against this barbarity. The production left to detach the paper of many artists. One has filmed that interesting at least must be asistido by history students, either the average, basic level or graduation.

For that if they still interest for the entedimento of a part of the military dictatorship and, or mainly, for that they are admiring of Zuzu Angel.

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Kalevi Holsti

In the internal plan, the sustainable economic development, based in the insertion of the micron-economic actors in international trade, in the distribution of wealth, the respect to the human rights and in the protection to the environment, enters into an alliance it the questions of public security guard (the call ' ' violncia' '), of job, health and education, to only cite the main abutments, and at the same time of challenge, the structure internal politics. The internal public politics were apiam in a legal structure, whose joint it forms a system of prevention, administration and coercion. The capacity and effectiveness of the Government in managing all these questions and demands determine the internal force of the State, or in the words of Kalevi Holsti, if a State is strong or weak a State of promotion of the peace must be a strong State, not necessarily a powerful State, or a power. The alteration of the nature of the great majority of the armed conflicts? of interestatais conflicts for intra-state conflicts – considered by the Advice of Security as threats or effective disruption of the peace and of security guard international, displays the weakness of the structure politics and legal intern of some States, as it was the case of the Bsnia-Herzegovina (1993), Ruanda (1994), Mountain range Lioness (1997) and Kosovo (1999), to only cite some more recent examples faced by the Advice. In another source, of the international projection of the internal demands, the capacity of the State in obtaining and defending external objective, either through the dissuasion or of the coercion, traditionally is measured in terms of amount of ' ' poder' ' (to power), a concept that historically is associated with the phenomenon of the war, to the military power. Thus, for this study, ' ' poder' ' of a State it will be measured by the capacity of accomplishment and external defense of its objectives, not only in its military source.

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Historical Context

Historical context of the Manifest Workmanship of the Communist Party For Galdina Maria Toledo the workmanship who from now we will start to display is about the Manifesto of the Communist Party written by Karl Marx (1818-1883) and Friedrich Engels (1820-895). The present Workmanship was written between ends of 1847 and beginning of 1848. Its first publication if gave in 21 of February of 1848. This workmanship was written as program of Liga of the Communists. This movement originated from a species of natural evolution of Liga of the Right ones, and this, in turn, was closely on to the trajectory of the proper modern industry and to the first attempts of organization of the European laboring classroom, especially of the German. The text, presented for Marx and Engels, was assumed in the complete one for Liga of the Communists, during as the congress of the entity, carried through in the 1847 end, in the city of London.

The Manifest Workmanship of the Communist Party, can more than be considered a pamphlet politician, written a century, was during good part of century XX a specter to go up to around the humanity, therefore this small book led, with the form of thought in contained it, to the separation politics of that if they find favorable to the marxist ideas and those fight that it. Throughout the formations of working parties it can be observed that these had used the text of the Manifesto of the Communist Party as a species of catecismo for the formation of its militant ones. However, the nickname of Communist Party passed only to be assumed from the Russian Revolution, with victory of the Bolcheviques, majoritria section of the Laboring Party social Democrat of the Russia that, with Lnin led the 1917 revolution, that after the falling of trees of the Czar Nicholas II and of the provisory Government, it restored the socialist regimen in Russia, and later formed the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics in 1922.

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Brazilian Laboring Confederation

From this congress it was created culture of if commemorating 1 of May (day of the worker) and was created the Brazilian Laboring Confederation that represented 50 proletarian associations. In the same year a general strike in the state of the So Paulo occurs. Initiate in the So Paulo Company of Railroads, finished for if spreading for other railroads of the interior and the capital and found support in other segments of the society as, for example, students. In 1907 a general strike for the day of 8 hours occurs; initiate for metallurgist of the So Paulo capital, this strike all found adepts for the interior of the state. In 1910 sailors if they rebel against the corporal punishments the one that were submitted (serious lacks were punished with chibatadas), take some ships and kill some officers.

The riot was known as the Revolt of the Chibata. Also in the city of Rio De Janeiro the Brazilian Laboring Congress of 8 the 13 of September of 1913 is carried through As. This Congress counted on the presence of about 100 commission agents who represented for it comes back all of 59 associations of the parents. Again the anarcossindicalistas teses had left winners. For deliberation of this congress, in 1915 1 of May For the Peace in the River and International Conferencia of the Peace in the River and So Paulo occurred. The movement Brazilian work force entered in a phase internationalist and if it came back against First the Great War. The conflict between the European imperialistas nations created difficulties of importation for Brazil, such fact made with that some products arrived to cost more up to 160 times, what increased the cost of living of the worker. Of this form, a climate was created antiwar in the Brazilian work force. At the same time, this difficulty of importation made to almost appear 6,000 new industries in the country, what it increased the Brazilian laboring classroom expressivamente.

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Second Republic

movement became victorious in 24 of October and Vargas assumed the position of provisory president the 3 of November of year the same. (FAUSTO, 1970, p.14-17) the changes politics, social and economic that had had place in the Brazilian society in the one after-1930 had made with that this revolutionary movement was considered the initial landmark of the Second Republic in Brazil. ' ' Historically Ribeira had always combats here. Since the Revolution of 30 and 32 for being verge of Estado' ' The motivations, ideas and objectives that had led to the armed movement of 1930 must be searched in the decade of 1920, when they had appeared more clearly the effect politicians of the industrialization and urbanization process and when new social forces, mainly the average layers and the urban masses, had started to demand a participation politics that until then them is forbidden. The claims and pressures of these new forces had led to the plea of the oligarchical State, in the measure where this age incapable to absorb its demands. The time of the Republic coffee with milk was with the counted days.

This plea to the oligarchical State did not count, however with the participation of the emergent industrial sectors and neither it was the result of a contradiction, to the level of the production, between the agrarian sector and the industrial sector. (FAUSTO, 1970, P. 112) Politically, this phase of the Brazilian life if characterized for the domain of the agrarian oligarchies under the hegemony of the cafeicultores. In local level, the power was exerted for heads of families – ' ' coronis' ' -, that they controlled the votes of its relatives, friends and subordinate and normally they occupied and they monopolized all the state positions. They were not only saw for the choice of the representatives the Congress as of the candidates the president and vice-president of the Republic.

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Al Qaeda

The Libyan answers for about 2% of the world-wide production, but it is one of the main oil suppliers of the Europe. The reasoning is logical: little oil in circulation (today the production already fell 4 times) + speculation and distrust of the future = high of the prices of the oil. Problem! Independent of who it gains this conflict, a thing is certain: the Libyan people goes to lose. Of a side, powers economic wanting a steady, independent government of who it is; of the other side, a dictator who already lost the notion of the reality and could imitate Luis XIV saying ‘ ‘ the State I am eu’ ‘. Worse E, in the way of this smoke is people who are being called for the press for ‘ ‘ rebels’ ‘ , but that far from being the solution for the problems of the Libyan, they can very repeat occurred histories in the Afghanistan and Iraq well. The Libyan is a forged State (all good, which is not), being composed for about 140 tribes. Gaddafi always represented some of them and got the antipathy of others. The problem in this country passes before for this question what a supposed one (that papo pierced) ‘ ‘ fight for democracy’ ‘.

It never had national cohesion in the Libyan and we are far from finding it. Between ‘ ‘ rebels’ ‘ , two distinct and dominant groups exist the least. One of them is composed for the partisans of the Senussi dynasty, removed real family of the power for the military blow that placed Gaddafi to the power. The dream of the allied powers it is that the power falls at the hands of this group, since they possess a well open vision to the occidental interests. However, this film to gain suspense contours, the other dominant group is composed for old Islamic guerrillas who had fought in Iraq and the Afghanistan. By the way, the American government already had admitted, in 2007, that 20% of the anti-American combatants in the war of Iraq were of the east of the Libyan (region now taken by the rebels). Already stories exist that members of the Al Qaeda had been enlisted by the Libyan rebels. It seemed trick, but the phrase of Gaddafi, of that it was white of the imperialism American north and of conspiracies of Osama Bin Laden, who sounded ridicule has some days seems that he starts to make some direction. If Gaddafi heard certainly Nelson Rubens would take pra itself its famous pilgrim’s staff: ‘ ‘ I exaggerate, but I do not invent lies! ‘ ‘.

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