Constitution Citizen

The institutionalization of the laws, the rights and the politics of social protection of the aged one passed if to compose from the consecration of the Federal Constitution of 1988, that it yielded legal support the today effective politics in the society and also attributing new institutionalization to the Social Service in thinking and executing politics pautadas in the iderio that appeared with the New Constitution, ideals of extended democracy and citizenship with ends to the efetivao of the basic rights of the individuals, mainly of the minorities in social and economically vulnerable conditions, as the aged ones in situation of poverty, carriers of deficiency, among others. The Constitution Citizen, in this direction, considered advances, therefore it defined articles on Social security, Social welfare, the Social Assistance, emphasized the citizenship of the aged one, formatting itself, in this manner basic values for the confrontation of mazelas you beat related to this social group. With this yearning of efetivao, it was perceived necessity of a normative support more specifies under which if it guided the exercise of the professional of the assistance, in this manner, the Social Service started to conduct itself through Federal Law (Law 8,742, of 07 of December of 1993), known as Organic Law of the Social Assistance, applying practises it professional the seriousness of the work and trimming the resqucios of ' ' assistencialismo' ' aspect that identified the actions of intervention in the previous period to the creation of the LOAS, therefore did not have basement for estruturao of assistance politics. Thus, with the consolidation of these legal bases, he was established the normative plan that marked the disarticulation enters the professional exercise of the assistance and it practises it assistencialista, sight as a shunting line of the effective and legitimate Social Assistance. In the year of 1993, with the homologation of the Organic Law of the Social Assistance? LOAS considered in its chapter IV the creation of benefits to the elderly, as well as for other cases where the citizen would not have the possibility to provide the maintenance with life or its family. .

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Government State

The system of government in Argentina takes the representative, republican and federal form (National Constitution, Art. 1). The town directly chooses its representatives. Forms of Government: it makes reference to the division of the Power without having I tie with the territory. Republic: the form of government opposed to the monarchy, in which the headquarters of the State is provided by election, or direct by means of the vote of the Electoral Body, or hint as a result of the uprising of special an electoral school or the Parliament is understood today. Monarchy: the Poderconcentrado in a person. Aristocracy: the Power had by a few. Democracy: the Power had by many.

It forms of State: distribution of the Power on the basis of the Territory. Unitarian: To be able centralized, is integral and it is not divided. Federal: To be able decentralized. A Central Power with power had from the States or Provinces exists that integrate that territory. Confederal: To be able decentralized. The Power is in the hands of the Member States that they delegate some attributions to the Central State, like being the diets. The Tools that they regulate to the Allied States are the Pacts.

Federal Sovereigns: the provinces dictate their own Constitutions. Allied: they delegate only some attributions. The Member States conserve the rights of Secession and Nulificacin. Secession: it can separate aside of the Central Power like a State. Nulificacin: it can not fulfill some rules ordinate by the Central Power. In Argentina Confederation existed from 1832 to the dictation of the Constitution of 1853 and in complete form when Integra the Province of Buenos Aires in the reform of this constitution in 1860. To be able Constituent: the town like titling of the sovereignty. It can: Original: First, it determines the reform mechanism.

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Federative Republic Poverty

In the context of social politics that had been instituted in the decade of 80, for confrontation of the poverty making possible the eradication, is necessary historical changes, therefore the reconstruction of this context does not become impracticable this confrontation. It is in this fight for the change in the reality and fights in the conquest of rights that if proliferates the poverty concept and omits the responsibility of the State. The question of the lack of guarantees of human and social rights is decurrent of a process evidently badly structuralized during years. in the decade of 80 only had a differentiated attention and more effective in the dimension of the problem, that ahead of so great indifference on the part of the governing leaves of to be prompt the example: health, education, assistance and others, starting to be collective, that is, it is changed nomenclature thus to be dealt with such way that the citizens feel themselves protected by ' ' rights sociais' '. The individual starts to be controlling by means of the conscience process, thus is possible the confrontation of the civil society stops on the other hand with the State to its social rights, since after decades of fights finally through the Federal Constitution of 1988, which was known as ' ' Cidad&#039 constitution; ' that it was sancionada to guarantee the social rights, as article 6, and through this understands that: The education, the health, the work, the leisure, the security, the social welfare, the protection to the maternity and infancy, the assistance to the abandoned ones are right social, in the form of this Constitution. (Art.6 Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil of 1988). The poverty state makes with that this citizen of rights for not having said its guaranteed, does not identify that is party to suit of the search for the citizenship that starts to be the evident factor in the conquest of the citizen.

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Congress of the Deputies

Tens of demonstrators who protest behind schedule this against the reform of the Constitution have been able to approach the Congress of the Deputies. The Police has stopped to one of them to refuse to identify itself. Another skirmish in front of the Museum of the Prado has taken place and the demonstrators have tried to return to Neptune. A hundred of demonstrators against the reform of the approved Constitution east Friday by the Congress has cut the traffic during a quarter of an hour in the Madrilenian Stroll of the Prado between struggles with the Police, that it has handcuffed to one of the participants in the protest. One is the second young person who has been handcuffed by the Police in the manifestation of this behind schedule, since around the 19,40 hours, in the corner of Neptune with the place of You cut, the agents took in a police vehicle to another boy who refused to identify itself. First of them it is accused of resistance and disobedience, after refusing to identify itself, whereas the second has been stopped to bring about damages to the vehicle of a taxi driver.

After remaining half an hour near concentrates in the Place of Cnovas of the Castle (Neptune), where ctivos of the National Police they prevented them to approach the Congress, the demonstrators have tried to surround the place and have cut during about fifteen minutes the traffic in the Stroll of the Prado in South sense. Around the Ministry of Health an incident between the demonstrators who walked by the road and a taxi driver has brought about a tumult and one first intervention of the agents, between struggles and shouts of the concentrates. With the spirits more and more stirred up, the Police has handcuffed to one of the young people, seated in asphalt, while other demonstrators struggled with the agents. The Police has gotten to make use of the prescribed clubs to reduce to some of the demonstrators when they tried to prevent took to the young newlywed. Meanwhile, several companions carried out a spontaneous sitting and completely stopped the transit to the vehicles that went towards Atocha. Another skirmish in front of the Museum of the Prado has taken place and the demonstrators have tried to return to Neptune, but police, organized, have managed to group in the place of the Plateras Martinez to them, where they have continued the protest during minutes more, surrounded by a cord by agents and police vehicles. After these facts, several demonstrators have managed to return to Neptune, and past the 21,15 hours tried to surround the place to approach the Congress of the Deputies more. Source of the news: Tens of people protest against the constitutional reform between struggles with the Police

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